WhatsApp for PC? It’s a Trojan Virus

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Cyber criminals are taking advantage of the widespread popularity of the mobile messaging app ‘WhatsApp’. A malware expert at the Kaspersky Lab revealed a large-scale spamming campaign, advertising a fake PC version of the WhatsApp, to spread a banking trojan.

If users click on the “Baixar Agora” (Download Now) link in the spam email, they will be redirected to a Hightail.com URL to download the Trojan. Hightail is a cloud storage service, the malicious component deployed on it then downloads the malware via a server in Brazil. Source: http://thehackernews.com/2014/01/whatsapp-for-windows-naaa-hackers-are.html


WhatsApp Is NOT Available For PC – It’s A Trojan Scam

“Once running, the malware reports itself to the cybercriminals’ infections statistics console and when open, a local port 1157 sends stolen information in the Oracle DB format. In addition, it downloads new malware into the system; some samples are 10Mb in size. This is the classic style of a Brazilian-created malware,” writes Kaspersky analyst Dmitry Bestuzhev.

“Please stay alert, be aware and do not become a victim,” he added.

So if you’re an enthusiastic WhatsApp user, be on the lookout for this email in your inbox. If you see it, bin it, and it might be worth letting your friends and family know about it as well. Source: http://www.knowyourmobile.com/apps/whatsapp/21744/whatsapp-not-available-pc-its-trojan-scam

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